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Across The Ocean by Wooden Gondola

Timang Beach Pantai TimangTimang Beach is located in Gunung Kidul region is home to the most beautiful beaches of Yogyakarta, including the Timang beach, which is located 35 kilometers south of Wonosari. It exhibits a fulfilling sight of white waves crashing into coral stones and cliffs.
Timang beach was meant to be a nonprofit touristy object. The residences there claim this beautiful beach purposed to be a lobster collector only. There is something people can not stop, it is technology. Since this amazing beach become famous on the internet, tourist repeatedly coming to this beach.

What to do at Timang Beach?

Timang Beach Pantai TimangAs I know, the first tourist who came to this beach at the first time was an International tourist in 2009. Until this blog was posted, the infrastructure, road access even the hygiene facilities were not developed well. I did not blame anyone for this, sometimes a bad condition keeps good things live longer. Sometimes it is become a difficult duty to make some place pure as it does. This is just an analogy, more people come arrive, more trash people will throw. So, in my humble opinion, it is a good thing to postpone all the development to keep all these habitat lives longer. More they catch the lobster, cheaper the lobster we can buy. Find a trustworthy agency on Trip Advisor.

Long drive country side road

Timang Beach Pantai TimangTimang beach citizens are still under the supervision of Indonesia Tourism Department and Department of Fisheries. They gradually do the counseling to make Timang beach more enjoyable to anyone who comes to visit this fantastic beach.
Visitors can test their courage by crossing onto Watu Panjang island on a wooden ‘cable cart’ tied together on pulleys, not with the usual steel cables, but with fabric rope. Originally used as a means of transportation by local lobster fishermen, those brave enough to endure dangling above treacherous waves can even bring back a lobster for dinner.

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