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Natural Water Reservoir

Pindul Cave Tubing Gua PindulPindul Cave Tubing is the mixture of rafting and caving. Using tubes for floating on the underground river inside the cave, it is a wonder experience to do this activity. Pindul cave tubing plays in unique cave with a cluster of bats and sparkling with the beauty of stalactite formations. The stalactite still growing, they breath, they adsorb the mineral from the water dipping. This causing visitor are not able to touch it very often. The touch of human can destruct the structure of their pores and makes the mineral lost their way.

Easy! But, Safety First

Pindul Cave Tubing Gua PindulThe Water inside Pindul cave is always stable. No matter how hard the rain is, water level in Pindul cave will never be so high. But yet, there are a zone where is the base of this river untouchable. Some people said the deep of the water is more than 11 meters. Some people believe there is an infinity hole streaming strictly to the southern Oceans, Hindi Ocean.
I believe in a simple things, never remove your life jacket. Why should we test our courage in this river? this is a lazy river anyway. By the way, people use to take the advantage of this gazillion water for watering the paddy field, supply the cattle ranch indeed of their daily need of water.

Keep The Nature As It Is

Pindul Cave Tubing Gua PindulGoa Pindul has a length about 350 m, a width up to 5 m, the distance of water surface between the roof cave 4 m and a water depth around 5-12 m. While you do caving in Pindul you will find a stalactite which is connected with stalagmite and it is so huge, five time human arms. This stalactite is the 4th biggest stalactite in the world. Beauty of Pindul cave is more complete with ornament along the cave wall. It is like an abstract masterpiece painted along the cave wall.

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