merapi jeep tour

Merapi Jeep Tour Chilling Out at The Most Chill Place in Yogyakarta

Merapi Jeep Tour

merapi jeep tourMerapi jeep tour riding an off road vintage Jeep Willy’s on the slope of the most active volcano in Indonesia would be the most fun experience you going to have. Previously, the last big eruption happened on 2010 lava streamed on the southern side of Merapi, brought tons of rock and sand. But then, after the disaster turns an idea to revitalize their economic wheel. In sum, they open attraction for tourist. So, they call it lava tour. However, we are not here to see the streaming lava, but to witness the distant volcano, mount Merapi sending a steady plume of smoke into the air from a distance.¬†

Merapi Jeep Tour

Merapi jeep tour designed as fun adventure and fit for everyone. In other words, this tour is safe to go with your family, kids, senior, and whoever you usually going to travel with. The Jeep driver who will be also your guide recruited from local village. Other civilization are not able to work in this area. Speaking about this, the Jeep driver usually skilled with english. Anyway, have a conversation with local people is another experience.

Merapi Jeep Tour

Even though this tour only takes a few hours as the short ruote is 90 minutes, we hope that all visitors prepare themseleves as best they can. Specifically to protect from heat, glare and dust such as a sun hat, dust mask, sunglasses, water and anti UV cream.

Merapi Jeep Tour

Last but not least, itinerary on this tour is flexible. You can arrange time to start, or time to finish in case you have something to do in the rest of the day. Therefore this trip can be also mix with another attraction you’d like to vist afterwards. Our day trip provide convenience in your journey. As your reference in determining your travel partner choices, we hope you can find the right partner by first reading the reviews on Trip Advisor!

Visit: Merapi Jeep Tour

Departure time: 07.00 AM

Pick up at Hotel Yogyakarta City area
7.00-8.00 AM: Off to Kaliadem Mt. Merapi Jeep station
8.00-10.00 AM: Merapi Jeep Tour
10.00-11.00 PM: Off to Yogyakarta City area
End of service

Package Include:

+ Transportation fee from/to your hotel (inclusive well-airconditioned private car, fuel, english speaking tour driver, and parking fee)
+ 1 Jeep rent at Mt. Merapi

Package Exclude:

– Meals
– Personal expenses
– Photography service

Your Necessities:

1. A sun hat
2. Sunglasses
3. UV cream
4. Water

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