Jomblang Cave Tour

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We Are Going Deeper Underground

Jomblang CaveJomblang Cave or Goa Jomblang is one of a most fantastic activity for adrenaline junkies. This Cave is located in Pacarejo Semanu district of Gunung Kidul, Wonosari. It takes 1.5 – 2 hour driving from Jogja and becomes one of the most complicated cave systems of Kalisuci underground river in Gunung Kidul. This vertical cave is formed by collapsed ground thousand years ago as we know as sinking hole. You can find much vegetation that still exists in Jomblang cave tour that you will never found upper ground. 60m of the abseiling process is very easy, it takes 1 minute to get to the bottom of the Jomblang Cave. We do not have to skilled or certified with Single Rope Technique (SRT) to get in too deep of Jomblang cave. All we need to do is to be calm, do not panic or nervous, just sit on the full body harness they provided for.

What to see at Jomblang Cave?

Jomblang CaveGoa Jomblang or Jomblang cave is connected by underground tunnel/hall for 500m length to another cave system called Grubuk cave. What people want to catch the most in this Grubuk cave is the phenomenon of sunlight come into this cave through the air with 100% of humidity, and the sunlight looks bounded and they call it The Heaven’s ray. There is also a river in this cave base, 30m slope from the edge of the barrier called Suci river with 10m width streaming down to the Southern sea. The current strength makes this river cannot be accessed, also because the slope is too slippery.

Jomblang Cave/Goa Tour

They held only one session in a day for this trip. We have to leave early from Yogyakarta city. Then do the preparation such as fitting the boots, register your name for a queue number, have some coffee or tea and wait until 9.00 AM and we are ready to go. There a limited slot for Jomblang cave visitors, it’s highly suggested to make reservation in advance. Find out your best fit to be your travel partner by first reading the reviews on Trip Advisor!

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