Dieng Plateau


The God’s Finger Print

Dieng PlateauDieng Plateau is an active volcanic area in Central Java. It is located between Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing complex area. Dieng altitude is about 2000 MASL. The average temperature is around 12 – 20°C in the daylight and 6 – 10°C in the night. In the dry season (July – August) temperature can be lower as 0°C in the morning and make a frosted dew which is called bun upas by the local people, which is mean “poisoned dew” because it kills the plantation.

Earth Peg

Dieng PlateauDieng Plateau is a caldera with mountains around it. It has a lot of crater that blow a natural gasses, fumes and another volcanic materials. This condition makes Dieng as a dangerous place for residence, it proved by a gas eruption from Sinila Crater in 1979. Beside crater, there is also a lot of volcanic lakes fulfilled with sulfuric water causing the color of the lake became yellowest to greens.

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